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9 February, 2018

2018-03 Scott’s Run Nature Preserve

Scott's Run Nature Preserve 2018-003_alyse_radenovic_1000

2018-03 Scott’s Run Nature Preserve
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24 inches
Alyse Radenovic

Forest trail, on the hilltop, through, woods, yellow trees in autumn, leaves on the ground, orange and pink-red, at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McLean, Virginia


3 October, 2014

Group Show: 4th Annual Celebration of Jewish Creativity at The Creative Soul Gallery in Brooklyn, New York City (Updated)

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Artwork by Alyse Radenovic will be featured in the group show 4th Annual Celebration of Creativity at The Creative Soul Gallery in Crown Heights from October 12th through November 2nd, 2014.

Opening reception is Sunday, October 12 at 8pm at 386 Kingston Ave. (via 486 Crown St.), Brooklyn, New York

RSVP at the  facebook event page  here: 

“This Sukkot we will celebrate the fourth annual show celebrating creativity in the Jewish community!

Four years ago a series of divine Providences led to a pop up show during Sukkot titled ‘Chassidim of Color’. The show was an amazing success and … the rest is history…

Join us for our annual ‘big event’ the first in our new gallery. This year we are really close to the dancing and should get huge crowds!
The show aims to explore, celebrate, share and generate excitement for creativity in the Jewish community, it is open to all work celebrating Judaism, Judaic values and life.”

The Creative Soul Gallery

new square black red green blue silver painting by Alyse Radenovic 2007
New Square black red green blue silver (2007) by Alyse Radenovic

2013-055 Genesis 2:1-2:3 Silver and Rainbow - Painting by Alyse Radenovic
2013-55 Genesis 2:1-2:3 Silver and Rainbow by Alyse Radenovic

The Creative Soul Gallery

creative soul logo
The Creative Soul Gallery



Photos from the opening and more posted here:

creative soul: come in!
“Come in!”

4 September, 2014

Group Show: Spiritual Defense at The Creative Soul Gallery in Brooklyn, New York City [Updated]

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Artwork by Alyse Radenovic will be featured in the group show “Spiritual Defense” at The Creative Soul Gallery in Crown Heights from September 8th through October 6th, 2014

Work by me which has never been for sale will be made available exclusively for this event.

“Spiritual Defense” is a joint project of The Creative Soul and The Jewish Art Salon

Opening reception is this Monday, September 8th.
RSVP at the  facebook event page  here:


The Creative Soul Gallery
386 Kingston Ave
Brooklyn, NY

2013-041 Psalm 70 Alyse Radenovic
(2013-041) Psalm 70 (Psalms 70) by Alyse Radenovic

creative soul logo
The Creative Soul Gallery in Brooklyn




Press Release

“The Creative Soul Gallery is hosting a group art show titled ‘Spiritual Defense’ exploring the power of Mitzvot and positive action, in the defense of Israel.

Opening reception is scheduled for Monday, September 8 at 8pm at the Creative Soul Gallery, 386 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn NY. The wine & Cheese reception is open to the public and sponsored by Natural & Kosher Cheese.

As the war raged on in Gaza this summer many Jews from around the world asked themselves ‘what can I do to help my brothers and sisters in the Land of Israel’. There was an outpouring of love and support from many with demonstrations, food drives for the IDF, donations and much more.

The idea behind the show is; In addition to the obvious need of the IDF to do its job keeping the people safe, what can we do to help?

We can clearly see the hand of G-D protecting His people. As we read from the Torah recently “…The eyes of G-D are on the Land of Israel, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year” (Deuteronomy 11:12) G-D protects the land of Israel, and the People of Israel.

The Torah states that the true protection of Jews everywhere and in the land of Israel, is a result of the fulfillment of the Mitzvot. “If you go in my statues…and I will grant peace in the Land, and you will sleep (peacefully) and no one will frighten you” (Leviticus 26;3-6)
It doesn’t matter how many Mitzvot one has done until now, or how one identifies Jewish-ly, each Mitzvah brings protection for the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide.
Our positive actions/Mitzvot  create spiritual defense for Israel!

The show is curated by Rabbi Yitzchok Moully for The Creative Soul and Elyssa Wortzman for the Jewish Art Salon. The show aims to engage the audience in a dialogue on the ways in which the Jewish community throughout the world can stand together with their brothers and sisters in Israel through the power of Mitzvot.

The show will feature work by Alyse Radenovic, Batya Kuncman, Bonnie Kozek, David Baruch Wolk, Dovid Orlansky, E. Rosen, Elyssa Wortzman, Hila Ben Itzhak, Leah Raab, LNM, Lynn Russell, Mushkie Silman, Natalia Kadish, Rivka Nehorai and Yitzchok Moully.

The show will be on display at the Creative Soul Gallery from September 8 – October 5. The gallery is open Sunday – Thursday, and 10:00am – 3:30pm”

– The Creative Soul


Article at Chabad News

Group Art Show Explores ‘Spiritual Defense’ of the Land of Israel
Positive action comes in many forms, including creative works on display in Brooklyn



Yitzchok Moully discussing the theme behind tonight’s group art show ‘spiritual defense’ for the land of Israel, at the opening of the show at the Creative Soul Gallery



Opening Reception of “Spiritual Defense” Group Art Show

22 July, 2014

Psalms Chapter 44 featured at Jewish Art for the Soul blog

Psalms 44 Painting by ALyse Raemovic at Jewish Art for the Soul,

2014-13 Psalms Chapter 44, Full Hebrew Text of, in Shades of Blue with White on Gold
Painting by Alyse Radenovic

featured here at’s  Jewish Art for the Soul blog

via The Creative Soul

Also published at Crown Heights: Lifestyles 

Psalms Chapter 44 Alyse Radenovic

12 May, 2014

Genesis 3:4-9 Gold and Rainbow featured today at Jewish Art for the Soul blog – Updated

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Alyse Radenovic Painting at May 12, 2014 Gold Rainbow

Painting by Alyse Radenovic

2013-060 Genesis 3:4-3:9, Gold and Rainbow

of this text

featured today here at’s  Jewish Art for the Soul blog

via The Creative Soul


Updated May 21st, 2014

Read the amazing comments their readers left on facebook here



12 April, 2013

art, history and the “other reality” – Brilliant review by @MTT_News

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April 12, 2013

Alyse Radenovic, Bratunac and Srebrenica: Art and the Forgotten Orthodox Christians of Bosnia

Brilliant and insightful review of my work by Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times
The second in a series. A must-read.

Alyse Radenovic, Bratunac and Srebrenica: Art and the Forgotten Orthodox Christians of Bosnia

4 May, 2012

Solo Exhibition at Matica Crnogorska Gallery Space

Alyse Radenovic painting exhibit opened tonight at Matica crnogorska, Herceg Novi branch.

See more images from the show at my facebook album here


The photography of life, like the flicker that catches us in a moment with all its strength, is for me, absolute art. One who takes such a flicker and converts it to the word, the picture, the sketch, or who desires to merge it with some other forces of artistic weaving, is a fortunate being. Entirely the opposite, exist absorbers, watchers of such states, who live to recognize, to complement themselves with these same flickers, which they lack. Thus we seek one another, and in essence, we live art.

Alyse Radenovic, with the opus “I pass this way, do you see me” hands over to us a part of her moving picture, in which she experiences landscape, antiquity, the worn church facade, the wild-grown flower: to be preserved forever. In real time, to make a recording of the environment as a satisfied consumer, and to make (justifiably) domination of the self – the work is demanding. Cathartic aspirations are the foundation of every attempt in the process of creation, of valid art. Radenovic, seemingly, looks relaxed – timeless – and essentially is “here and now”. The symbolism with she expresses herself is completely feminine, yet without filigreed arrogance. With freed movement she shapes a world she is emotionally experiencing… but again the world which she is repeating as a flicker. If we turn around with our creations, artistically and individually, we will realize that we draw, we paint, we sculpt, we create music, we dance or we write only about ourselves and for ourselves. And that is justification, without alibi, compromised, cruel and so vitally necessary. If we do not pass this lucid flux through the aura from which we are built …to us there is nothing of art. In regard to this, it is again worth saying, there are no talented, but rather only illuminated, personae …which there “only” have the heart to start searching her cut-off soul, for that ambivalent character and strength… which is here somewhere …visible …well invisible.

Radenovic, although a foreigner to our understanding of US Geography, stamps our landscape, with an almost eerie strength. As if she had been born several times, on these kartsts, rivers and seas, which we pay no attention to anymore. Certainly it has always been the rule, that all is far better seen from a distance. Her dimension measured by nautical miles brought us closer than was her intention (it seems).

Alyse is today in Arlington, in the state of Virginia, thus simply happy to give to us, and that we have enough of the flickers for her emotion in art.

– Marija ČOLPA


Fotografisanje života, kao treptaj onog što nas na trenutak ulovi svom svojom silinom, za mene je apsolutna umjetnost. Onaj što umije takav treptaj prebaciti u riječ, sliku, crtež ili se želi stopiti s nekim drugim snagama umjetničkog tkanja, je sretno biće. Sasvim suprotno, postoje upijači, gledači takvih stanja, koji žive da prepoznaju, da se nadopune tim istim treptajem, što im nedostaje. Tako tragamo jedni za drugima, a u biti živimo umjetnost.

Alyse Rađenović, opusom „Prolazim ovuda, vidiš li me“ predaje nam djelić svoje pokretne slike, u kojoj doživljava pejzaž, starinu, otučenu crkvenu fasadu, samonikli cvijet, na čuvanje za uvijek. U realnom vremenu, činiti zapis okružja kao zadovoljni konzument, a baviti se (sasvim opravdano) dominatom sebe, zahtjevna je rabota. Katarzička sremljenja su osnov svakog pokušaja u procesu stvaranja, validne umjetnosti. Rađenović, naizgled, djeluje opušteno, bezvremenski, a suštinski je „ovdje i sada“. Simbolika kojom se izražava je sasvim damska, ali bez filigranske nadmenosti. Ona slobodnim pokretom oblikuje svijet kojeg u sebi emotivno doživljava…ali i ponavlja kao treptaj. Okrenemo li se oko svojih uradaka, umjetnički i pojedinačno, shvatićemo da crtamo, slikamo, vajamo, muziciramo, plešemo ili pišemo samo o sebi ili za sebe. I to je opravdanje, bez alibija. Kompromisno, surovo i tako neophodno potrebno. Ukoliko ne provučemo taj lucidni fluks, kroz auru od koje smo sazdani…nema nam ništa od umjetnosti. S tim u vezi, opet valja reći, da nema talentovanih, već samo osvijetljenih persona…koji eto „samo“ imaju herca da otpočnu potragu za svojom otkinutom dušom, za onim podvojenim likom i snagom…koja je tu negdje…vidljiva…pa nevidljiva.

Rađenović, iako strankinja za naše poimanje USA geografije, pečatira naš krajolik, gotovo začudnom snagom. Kao da se rađala nekoliko puta, na ovim kršima, rijekama i morima, na koje mi sami, više ne obraćamo pažnju. Svakako da je oduvjek vrijedilo pravilo, da se sve mnogo bolje vidi iz daljine. Ona je svoju dimenziju mjerenu nautičkim miljama približila više nama, nego što joj je to bila namjera (čini se).

Alyse je danas u Arlingtonu u državi Virginia, tako jednostavno sretna što nam se poklonila, i što smo imali dovoljno treptaja za njenu emociju u umjetnosti.

– Marija ČOLPA

7 November, 2011

Paintings No.08

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Paintings by Alyse Radenovic, May-November 2011

Song “Blue Mountain” copyright Kokan Dimusevski, all rights reserved

(paintings in order: 2011-088 Bratunac, 2011-086 Vrbas River – Banja Luka, 2011-075 Trg Krajine, 2011-096 Ilidza, 2011-091 Ilidza, 2011-174 Stara Crkva u Sarajevu, 2011-156 Kalemegdan, 2011-071 Kalemegdan, 2011-095 Ilidza, 2011-094 Ilidza, 2011-089 Naval Shipyard – Portsmouth, Virginia, 2011-061 Lukavica, 2011-081 Norfolk, Virginia, 2011-152 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-077 Filozofski fakultet u Sarajevu, 2011-172 Novo Sarajevo, 2011-119 Bosnia, 2011-118 Pentagon City – Arlington, Virginia, 2011-173 Bosnia, 2011-098 Cengic Vila – Sarajevo, 2011-097 Mrkovici, 2011-099 Gazi Husrev-begova Dzamija, 2011-078 Mrkovici, 2011-084 Bascarsija, 2011-106 Laus – Banja Luka, 2011-105 National Zoo – Washington, D.C., 2011-103 National Zoo – Washington, D.C., 2011-170 Mrkovici, 2011-131 Bascarsija, 2011-130 Amman, 2011-155 Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, 2011-069 Washington Monument, 2011-065 Gazi Husrev-begova Dzamija, 2011-169 Beograd, 2011-132 Lukavica, 2011-111 Lukavica, 2011-073 National Air and Space Museum, 2011-121 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-063 Bascarsija, 2011-070 Gazi Husrev-begova Dzamija, 2011-104 Alexandria, Virginia, 2011-102 Lukavica, 2011-064 Air Force Memorial, 2011-110 Srebrenica, 2011-072 Kalemegdan, 2011-068 Lublin, 2011-067 Frankfurt-am-Main, 2011-117 Warszawa, 2011-123 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-148 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-153 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-177 Lukavica, 2011-060 Stara Crkva u Sarajevu, 2011-179 Mrkovici, 2011-157 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-168 Washington, D.C., 2011-160 Srebrenica, 2011-176 Energoinvest: Dalekovodinzenjering – Bratunac, 2011-159 National Zoo – Washington, D.C., 2011-158 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-076 Greenwood, Mississippi, 2011-137 Arlington, Virginia, 2011-080 Warszawa, 2011-150 Mem, 2011-149 Mem, 2011-062 Red, 2011-178 Blue, 2011-175 Serbian Flag, 2011-079 Srebrenica)

9 October, 2009

Alyse Radenovic (Radjenovic) Paintings No.04, Summer 2009

Alyse Radenovic (Radjenovic) Painting Portfolio No.04, June 2009-October  2009

Song “Ne Klepeci Nanulama” is courtesy of Kokan Dimusevski
Copyright Aura Publishing Co, Ltd 2009, all rights reserved


29 September, 2009

Solo Exhibition at Alter Art

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Kada: 26.09.2009 – 06.11.2009
Naziv: Izložba: Alyse Rađenović
Gdje: Internet Club – Travnik
Kategorija: Izložbe

Opis događaja:

O slikama Alyse Rađenović

Najvažniji zadatak svakog djela je ostvarenje vizuelne ravnoteže. Stil koji Alyse koristi slobodno možemo odrediti kao organski i veoma dinamičan, i istovremeno kao stil koji se može pohvaliti savršenom ravnotežom boje, ritma, rečenog i ponuđenog na razmišljanje svakom posmatraču, ma koliko njegovo iskustvo u likovnoj umjetnosti bilo.

Ova mlada slikarica u svojim djelima istražuje repeticije i varijacije odnosa između elemenata.

Težište slika se u određenom smislu može razumjeti kao „neviđen“ predmet na koji se aludira oslikanim dijelovima. Najizražajniji dio rada je onaj o vezama između elemenata i o sadržaju koji daju jedan drugome. Ova djela se bave pitanjima intelektualnog i emotivnog procesa percepcije i odlučivanja o suštinskom u stvarnim i simbolizovanim predmetima, i o tome kako se ove stvari razumiju i odrede u procesu razmišljanja.

– Anya Milosh

Web sajt Alyse Rađenović:

O Alyse

Internet prijateljstvo nekolicine članova Alter Art-a sa Alyse Rađenović započelo je gotovo slučajno. Jedna od obavijesti koje vam preporučuju ljude koje biste možda mogli poznavati ili s njima dijeliti interesovanja, nekom je, sad se više i ne sjećam kome, ponudio opciju „add to friends“.

Malo nakon toga Alyse je besplatno dizajnirala plakat za „Nadu iz ormara“, diplomsku predstavu Baneta Đakovića. I, ne zato što nije tražila novac, već zato što je na osnovu nekoliko poruka „pogodila“ u srž predstave na kojoj smo radili, ponosno smo njen uradak (istina ponešto „oštećen“ očajnom štampom, no, to je već neka druga priča) predstavili publici kao zvaničan plakat predstave.

Danas se ta slika nalazi u izložbenoj postavci ove nesvakidašnje umjetnice, među ostalim slikama koje je, o vlastitom trošku, poslala u Travnik iz Njujorka i time na još jedan način pokazala koliko su fizičke razdaljine među umjetnicima i uopće ljudima koji vole umjetnost, zapravo nebitna stvar.

Dok su slike polako pristizale u travničku poštu, mi smo sve pažljivije razgledali njene foto albume, i, iz dana u dan, osjećali sve veće uzbuđenje zbog mogućeg susreta sa ovom Amerikankom ex-yu porijekla. Jer, osim što je slikar, ona je supruga, majka, dama koja je životni prostor svoje obitelji (barem koliko fotografije pokazuju) pretvorila u malo bajkovito utočište za emotivne, senzibilne ljude. Baš onakvo kakvo je, vjerujemo, i vama koji ste u čitanju ovog teksta stigli do ovih redaka, prijeko potrebno u svijetu u kom živimo, a koji najčešće i, na žalost najpreciznije, opisujemo riječima koje su svojevrsna uvreda za ljudski rod.

Baš zato što ni jednom porukom (ni onom kratkom elektronskom, ni onom koju nam šalje svojom umjetnošću), nikad nije ni podsjetila na surovi, bezosjećajni planet na kom se, eto, rodila i zatekla, Alyse Rađenović zaslužila je mnogo više pažnje no što je jedno brzinsko „pregledanje“ njenih slika. Neka lagana muzika, prepuštanje mašti i tek poneka riječ razmijenjena sa osobom koja se zatekla pored vas (a koju ćete vjerovatno drugačije doživjeti u predloženoj situaciji, ma o kome da se radi), budu sjajan početak šetnje, ili, bolje rečeno, plovidbe kroz magična prostranstva duha Alyse Rađenović.

– Martina K. Đaković

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